Exhibition topics

  • Indoor and outdoor playground
  • Sport fields equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor amusement parks
  • Adventure Park equipment
  • Movie theater equipment
  • Virtual reality and 4D cinemas
  • Scape rooms , horror rooms
  • Cable cars and zip line
  • Interactive public games

Exhibition visitor

  • All owners of the amusement parks in Iraq
  • Administrators of the playgrounds in Iraq
  • Municipalities’ authorities
  • Hotels’ managers
  • Iraq tourism authorities
  • Chamber of Commerce members
  • Suppliers and distributors


Overall booth spaces


Type of Booth


Space Cost


Minimum Space


Indoor equipped space


Each sq -meter 125$


12 sq


Indoor non-equipped space


Each sq -meter 145$


18 sq


About the exhibition

Viona Aria Vision is a leading company with over two decades of experience in executing international and professional trade fair exhibitions both inside and outside of Iran. We take pride in our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional services in various industries. Our core focus lies in the execution of exhibitions within the amusement and entertainment industry, tourism-hospitality sector, and medical equipment field.